Spring Forward Into a New Life

So spring has arrived and with it brought new possibilities of all sorts. Are you planting seeds for new opportunities in your life so you can reap a harvest later this year?

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Organize, purge and clean what you already have so that you will be equipped, ready, and have room for the great things, grand opportunities, favorable circumstances, and awesome chances for promotion or advancement that are to come. Preparation before planting can help you reap a larger harvest.

2. Make-over or pamper yourself in some way so that you look amazing and feel more prepared to spring forward into your new life. Get in shape, get a manicure and pedicure, purchase a new outfit or put together some new and exciting combinations or accessories with clothes you already possess. Possibilities exist all around you and within what you already possess at all times. Take advantage of all of them.

3. Enjoy time outside with your family and friends. In many locations, people can finally get out of their homes and breathe air that does not chill them all the way to their bones. Take advantage of beautiful, warm weather every chance you get. Plan outings with those you love and care about. While you are out, pause from your activities, take a deep breath, and take notice of any and all of the beautiful scenery, sky, grass, trees, flowers, water, and world around you. The ability to pause and view the glorious scenery around you is a blessing all in itself.

4. Search for ways to help others. Somebody will appreciate you using your gifts, skills, and talent to enhance their life. Someone needs to hear your voice, your life experience, your story or your testimony. Find creative ways to share what you have been blessed with, what you have pressed through, and all you have overcome with others throughout the world so they will be inspired to do the same.

5. Start something new; a new hobby, new business, new activity, new workout, or new goal. Faith plus consistent daily action toward any of these options above will equal a totally, positively transformed life. Believe and live today like change and an abundant harvest (following your season of sowing) is possible for you!

Spring always brings with it the opportunity to be excited about new adventures to come. Whatever you do with this season, make sure you spend time sowing into yourself, your surroundings, and into others so that you can reap a bountiful, life-changing harvest before this year comes to a close.

Creating A New Life – The One You Want.

How do you see your life right now? How do you view the world? What does your life offer you? What do you want? Well what are you waiting for? Create your new life the one you want!

You Really Can Create The life You Want?

So are you living, I mean really living, or are you just surviving? Take a really good look at your life, is it how you want it to be, not many of us can say yes to that, but there are people who are living to their potential and are truly happy. What do they do that you don’t?

Free Yourself From Pain.

Most of us live in the past with pain in our hearts and fear of the future! Our future in the material world does not look exactly promising right now. Do you feel a little in limbo? Do you ask yourself ‘is this it’? Well no, this is not it! There is so much more and it is already inside of you, You already own it! We have to free ourselves of pain and start to live the life we are meant to live!

Release Negativity.

So how do we do it? Well it’s really simple actually, we need to go within ourselves, meditate and heal the past. We need to remove all trace of negativity and live in the now. When we quiet our minds and tune into our energy, we finally become free, we see clearly how things should be, we let go of pain and fear and we become open to receive.

Live In Peace.

Meditating or just practising relaxation takes us to a place of peace where we can become whole again and find our true selves, and we find peace. Our life will open up before us and we feel safe and connected. You have everything you need right there inside of you, all you need to do is tap into it!

Get Creative.

So what do you feel you want in your life? In your place of peace and tranquillity you can create what you want in perfect detail, all you have to do is see it and feel it. Once you have pictured exactly what you want, go to your perfect place of peace every day and see it.

It’s Your Time.

It is your time now, it is time for all of us to find what has been missing, our perfect true potential, the opportunity has always been there but, we have got tied up with the shackles of everyday life, the trauma in our world and our own pain, we have simply missed it.

We are being called by the Universe, it is time to let go, to be at peace and to be happy, its easy when you know how. You will be so fed up that you have wasted so much time being unhappy or unfulfilled.

Live your life in abundant joy, how your life is, is your choice, we have all the tools available to us now to take the leap and live as we should, it really is a simple matter of choice! Learn how to live in joy and peace, live in your truth, and really live! My Success to you, to all you deserve and desire!

Atheism – New World View?

Atheism has become a serious, contemporary world view. Advocated by high-profile communicators, such as Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, atheism is being feted as the intellectually rigorous and emotionally fulfilling science-based position urgently needed for prosperous and peaceful world community. As to its core position, atheism holds that there is such little chance of a supernatural ‘God’ existing, in any older conventional sense, that it is more mature to reject all theistic beliefs. In the heel of the hunt, what was once scorned has become credible.

A mature grasp

There is little doubt that many people desire a new outlook on life, a key to open a mature grasp on the mystery of the universe. And with all of the unseemly conflict in the religious arena, many see atheism as both scientifically and socially credible, able to offer a huge relief from innumerable religious taboos. In a word, atheism brings relief, but not anymore at such a cost. This was well-known to academics in a previous generation, as Sir Julian Huxley describes, ‘For my own part, the sense of spiritual relief which comes from rejecting the idea of God as a supernatural being is enormous.’1 There you have it – enormous relief.

So, there is little doubt that one of the main reasons why people become atheists is to gain this huge sense of relief from oppression that was heightened and intensified in religious meetings and church services. And while Huxley calls the relief he gained ‘spiritual,’ he is clearly referring to mental or psychological relief – the sudden removal of a heavy load or burden.

Any analysis of the rise of contemporary atheism will probably see how a close link with a scientific world view and working to make one synonymous with the other, have sustained this rise. And while ‘atheistic science’ seems a little forced, some may argue that it is intrinsic to the nature of atheism. But certainly the rise of neo-Darwinian evolutionary science has boosted the confidence of atheists. And while Charles Darwin was more of a nineteenth century agnostic rather than a confident atheist, there is no doubt that his theory of biological evolution laid a foundation for an atheistic view of the emergence of life in the cosmos that does not need to resort to explanations of a supreme Designer or Creator.

New world view

With this much said, what I find very interesting is that the relief that came over Huxley when he rejected ‘the idea of God as a supernatural being’ was an experience based on his changed thinking, rather than on any ultimate, objective discovery. It’s almost as if he decided to conduct a thought experiment; reject an idea and believe the result! On that basis, atheism appears to be the ultimate philosophy of convenience; the old way of escaping moral accountability. Although Huxley himself was also not an avowed atheist, more an agnostic moving towards atheism perhaps, some of his thinking has influenced people like Richard Dawkins. But taking a wider look at atheism, is there any meaningful evidence that demonstrates the non-existence of the living God, as self-disclosed in Scripture, coming from atheistic literature or debate? No, atheism is built on a priori assumptions that the advocates are fully entitled to call ‘science,’ if they wish, as long as we keep in mind that such ‘science’ is an ideology sustained by a philosophical belief – naturalism.

Yes, I have no problem in agreeing that our natural human thinking usually finds it agreeable to deny any personal accountability to a Creator. But, at the same time, it strikes me as inconsistent how we also enjoy such wonderful things as, personality, creativity, excitement and curiosity, family and friends, culture – the arts, music and literature, work and leisure, the delights of birdsong, rippling waves and sunsets, colour, shape and movement. Without such things being given by the Personal giver of all things, there would be nothing but utter meaninglessness. Personally, I don’t call that ‘relief.’

Reason to believe

The historic Christian position holds that the central truths of Scripture reveal the character and purpose of the personal, living God: a purpose that following mankind’s fall into open moral rebellion, focuses on reconciling people to God through the saving work of Christ. These central truths are as relevant as ever: revealed by the God of grace and mercy who, ‘has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world’ (New Testament, Hebrews 1: 2).

With this revelation, we have a foundation for the validity of reason, a true explanation of our spoiled and flawed world, and one wonderful remedy, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So, is atheism a valid world view? It’s certainly not new; people have been trying it for thousands of years! But, without a final reference frame, provided by biblical theism – the objective validity of human reason in an amazingly understandable universe – that atheism on its own terms is unable to give, I don’t believe you can come to rational conclusions about anything!

A New Life – Turning Someday Into a Plan

The pursuit of happiness always starts with a dream and a decision doesn’t it? Making that decision is a process and likely one that doesn’t come overnight. Once a seed is planted it needs to germinate before it gets to the point of blossoming into an actual decision for most of us. For me, it started with a feeling of something missing, boredom with the status quo, a sense of longing for something new and ultimately the news that my daughter and granddaughter would be moving to California in the near future; the seed.

Since receiving that news and for the past several months I found myself visualizing my life with less; less things and stuff, responsibility and burden. I began to wonder why I needed the sheer volume of things I have accumulated that sit unused taking up space and are not as appreciated as they once were. I came to realize that I had outgrown my lifestyle and the longing I felt was genuine even though the dramatic change I am contemplating is a little bit scary it is something I can do if I choose to.

I found myself reading about people who say they have simply sold all their accumulated belongings to travel or move to enjoy a completely new lifestyle and environment. It sounds so exciting and easy doesn’t it? Well, I can attest to the exciting part but easy, not so much. You see part of my vision is a somewhat minimalist lifestyle and the true ability to be free to move or leave if the mood strikes me. My vision and intent is a return to the gypsy like lifestyle of my youth.

I have just returned from a whirlwind trip to California to take a look at what will likely become my new ‘little’ home! There have been and I know there will be moments when I will question my decision and sanity. In fact I had a few of those moments on my trip as I looked at apartments for the first time in many years. The reality of true downsizing! The good news was each of the properties I looked at had wonderful amenities; crystal clear swimming pools, exercise rooms, lush landscaping, some with meeting/party space if needed and all maintained by someone other than me! Each had beautiful new models I could see myself enjoying but here are a few of the questions that put my plan into perspective for me.

Is there a garage? The efficient friendly representative gently explained I would receive an assigned parking space and the remaining unmarked spaces would be for guests.
How about storage? Well some of the units have a closet on the patio. Christmas will be different and I guess I’ll be going through the 5 large boxes of photos that house 40 some years of memories. No worries, I haven’t looked at them for the last 20 or thirty years and it’s time to condense them.
Laundry? Certain units have a stackable washer dryer and a couple of the properties actually offered the full size versions. Of course after viewing the closets, albeit walk in style, I will definitely be ditching a lot of my clothes.
There were more eye openers resulting from questions I thought to ask and probably many more I should have asked. Upon returning home and taking a look around I realize I have a lot to do; a home to sell and an incredible amount of STUFF to get rid of. This is definitely a moment in a drastic lifestyle change when it would be easy to crawl back into the status quo and simply continue to think about changing my life and wonder why it isn’t happening. So how do I maintain my momentum to turn my someday dream into an effective plan for a new life? Below is an exercise with a series of the questions to help anyone get unstuck and focused toward any goal. Take out a piece of paper or journal if you are keeping one and write the answers to these questions:
What it is that you want? Take the time to write and get very clear in your mind what your ‘ideal’ looks like.

Answer these identifying questions:

What have you done so far? What worked best and what didn’t?
What it is that you want? Take the time to write and get very clear in your mind what your ‘ideal’ looks like.
What skills and resources do you have that could move you forward?
What research could you do to help you find the next step?
What do you need to do before you do anything else?
Who else could you ask for help in achieving your goal?

Taking action: Looking at the list you have just made answer these questions:

What would the smallest and easiest step be for you?
How can you make the task or action more enjoyable or fun?
What action could you take in the next 10 minutes?
What 3 actions could you take that make sense this week?
Who else could help you in completing your actions?

Commitment – DO SOMETHING!

When specifically will you do your action? Day and time
On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to complete each action?
If it’s below an 8, ask what is stopping you from completing the actions and then make it your first action.
How do you normally sabotage yourself and what will you do differently this time?
How will you know you’ve completed your action/s and who will you tell (to support you in completing them)?
How will you feel once you have completed your actions?
How will you reward yourself?

The reality is I have a choice as we all do when we are attempting to make a change. I can continue to stay ‘safe’ and shackled to ‘things’ and a life I have outgrown or risk, thrive and shape a life that is more of who I am now. It’s our dreams and goals that keeps us young and alive so I will continue to think of change as a chance to rethink and revise my behaviors, routines, beliefs and goals and not allow fear to paralyze me. California here I come!

Give Your Blog Posting New Life

Maintaining a consistent blog posting schedule is vital in order to not only generate traffic but to keep existing readers satisfied as well. Often times however time, a lack of writing ideas or simply life ‘events’ can make it difficult to compose blog entries your readers may find worth their while to view. When you get into a ‘funk’ like this, it can affect not only your creativity but your motivation as well. What do you to ‘snap’ out of it and get yourself back on track?

Here are 3 tips you can use to come up with new writing ideas or simply change your perspectives when these challenges make it difficult for you to compose any worthwhile blog entries.

Post More Infrequently

One of the first things to consider when you are stuck for writing ideas may be that you are getting burnt out? Now don’t panic since a simple adjustment to your posting schedule can easily do the trick and put that pep back into your step! Try easing back on the frequencies of your blog entries and give yourself some breathing room. This will likely not only help to re-energize your approach but also give readers better quality content to view as a result!

Be Brief

Another area to look at is the length of your posts because composing longer blog entries takes more time and energy. Are you guilty in this area because if you are than try shortening your entries. By doing so you may very well find you have more energy which always helps to boost your creative abilities. Another benefit may be that your readers can now view just one of your posts in a single sitting, just kidding! But seriously, a longer post may be more difficult and less convenient for your visitors to view.

New Angle – Same Subject

When stumped for new writing ideas, go back and review old blog entries to see where you can pick up on an ‘old’ post and take it in a ‘new’ direction. In fact most of your postings can probably benefit from further explanation since much detail and depth is typically left out. How can you possibly cover a subject comprehensively with just one post?

A new angle on this same approach is to look at your most popular entries and work with them in this manner since you already know people liked them! Another quick note here is to NOT ignore comments left since they alone offer many ideas/suggestions upon which you can base your next post!

There is little doubt that blog posting is the most important and demanding aspect of any blogging platform. It is common for many bloggers however to occasionally lack the writing ideas or necessary inspiration to create worthwhile blog entries. The discussion above offers 3 suggestions that can help to give new life to your posting efforts. In doing so you can then continue to not only generate traffic but also meet the expectations of your current readers as well!